Q: Help! I have a virus, can you come to my house and fix it?

A: To do a proper virus removal, it takes several hours to complete all of the steps necessary. The cost of doing this would be excessive! If you've got a virus, just bring your computer in and we'll get you fixed up in no time.
Q: I have a blue screen of death! What caused it?

A: Well, the problem is that there can be literally hundreds (if not thousands) of reasons why these blue screens 'of death' happen. We can't tell you exactly why they happen, but we can certainly diagnose and fix the problem. Definitely bring the computer in and let us take a good look at it.
Q: How long will it take for my computer to be fixed?

A: Well, we generally try for a time window of 24-48 hours for most fixes. In some cases we'll need more time, but you'll always be notified every step of the way. We try our best to keep the time to a minimum. After all, everyone needs their computer!